How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2020 Powerful Guide

Hello man, in this article I will teach how to Start a WordPress Blog site from scratch without having a knowledge of coding. And everything will be easy and step by step.

Before we start let’s see the index what are the topics we will learn in this complete article:-

1 Why to Start a WordPress Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to express your knowledge on the internet. And help other people to know about your research and experience.

Honestly, this is not the only reason to start a blog. Suppose you’re a student and you also want to make money like others but you don’t have any part-time jobs.

And Star a WordPress Blog is actually the best fit for you. You can write what you know and what experience you have.

And by running ads you can make money too.

Not only the students, anyone can start a WordPress blog, no need any high qualifications to do. Just open a blog site and write content you know. It will help you and the readers.

Now you have the basic concept on the blog. And you might be thinking about the earning resources.

There are so many ways to make money online from a blog site. Few of them are Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Promotions, Guest Blog, and so on.

After reading this complete article you will have the complete concept of how to make money online.

Here is some example of popular blogs you can see to get some ideas more…,,,,, shoutmeloud,,,,, ,

Have you checked the sites?

Now you want to know how these pro bloggers are making money and what they are using to make their blog sites so popular and acceptable

So, let’s see all the methods one by one –

2 Best Platform to Start a Blog

Before you choose any platform you should know the pros and cons of all the popular blogging platforms. There are so many platforms to start a blog, and some of them are Blogger, Wix, WordPress, etc. And all of them are free, cool right!

Yes, that’s great. But, like the advantages, it also has some disadvantages too.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of these free platforms-

  • Advantages of Free Blogging Platform

Blogger is the best blogging platform powered by Google. Yes, you heard right it’s completely provided by Google.

I mean start with the hosting, domain(sub), template, etc.

And the best part is your site will never get down due to server issues, and the server speed will be so faster than others.

Because Google provides its own server to the bloggers to host their sites.

If you wish to add your own custom domain with your blogger site then, of course, you can do as well.

Like the Blogger Wix, and also has the same facilities. You can host your site on their server for free. And the best part is all the platform has its own SEO options as well.

So cool right!

But you should go through the disadvantages too. So, let’s see…

  • Disadvantages of Free Blogging Platform

Like the advantages of Blogger, Wix, and WordPress they have so many disadvantages.

If you wish to design according to your requirements then sorry you can’t do it.

There are few limited default templates available to select.

And they have some boundaries for the customization.

You can’t change the footer credit.

But if you wish to hire a developer to make a custom template for you then you can go with. It will cost so much.

The huge reason not to choose it is all the hosting control of the site will be on Google’s or any free platform you choose.

So badly I have to say, the free platform is not recommended as a full-time blogger.

Then what’s the best fit for you?

Self Hosted WordPress Blog…

Yes, WordPress. This is the best and most recommended platform for you. And you know 61% blogger choose WordPress & personal hosting plan to start their WordPress blog and make money.

It has so many options for you. You can customize everything, and you don’t need to have any coding knowledge. You can do everything simply just doing drag and drop.

To host a site you have to purchase a few things online. And these are a domain, hosting, theme, and few editing tools.

A domain is just an address to identify your site. Like,,

When you purchased a hosting plan then your all files are hosted on a computer. And the computer is connected to the server through an IP Address.

And the domain is your web address visible for your site visitors.

So, that’s why you should purchase a domain to assign you all the website’s content against a particular domain.

And, hosting is a server, where you can host your site. This means all the files like images, text, documents, and other staff. Like our computer hard drive.

So, now let’s see the best platforms where you can purchase all the stuff cheaper. Like all the beginner do 🙂

3 Best Platforms to Buy Domains

I will strongly recommend you to buy from the most trusted and reliable provider Go-daddy.

Because it offers you the cheapest price ever and it’s completely easy to use for all. And the best part it gives you A+ support.

But if you want to purchase a new domain and hosting as well then I’ll recommend you purchase it at once.

When you purchase hosting plans from any hosting provider then you’ll get a domain free with each plan you purchase.

Now you’ve to go through the best hosting provider options that will allow you to have all the options you need…

4 Best Hosting Provider

I will recommend you to purchase a multi-domain support hosting plan. Because in the future if you want to open a new website then you have to purchase new hosting again.

Rather than purchase a hosting plan that allows you to install multiple websites on a single hosting.

The best-recommended hosting providers are…

Bluehost: Bluehost is the most recommended hosting to purchase. And you should know that WordPress also recommends Bluehost itself. And most maximum bloggers recommend Bluehost to Start a WordPress blog site.

Bluehost offers the ultimate plans to Start a WordPress Blog

Siteground: Siteground is also a great hosting provider as well. And it gives the most powerful hosting service, it’s server loading speed is amazing.

If you have a running a WordPress blog and you have a regular huge amount of traffic then you can go with the Siteground plans.

Have you purchased the hosting?


Congratulations now you have got the domain and hosting for your website.

Now, you have to choose a theme for your website. A theme is a prebuilt setup of a website layout.

And there are so many options to choose from. Some of them are free and the paid versions as well.

Now here are some options for you …

5 Best Theme to Start a WordPress Blogs

Free Themes: I have used so many free WordPress Blog themes and 2 of them are the best theme I have found according to their Layout, color, speed, and customization…

  • ColorMag
  • Sparkling

Premium Themes: WordPress has thousands of free themes to choose from. But free themes have some disadvantages that might be an effect on your website performance as well.

So, here are a few paid themes for you that I am using for the last few years. And I have got a massive positive result for my sites.

1. Genesis Framework:

Genesis Framework is one of my favorite WordPress Framework. And it comes with inbuilt SEO settings.
This framework has the fastest loading speed, Mobile & SEO friendly as well.

With this framework, you should have a child theme and StudioPress had so many elegant themes for you.

You can use the free Genesis Child Theme too.

2. GeneratePress:

GeneratePress is a free theme on the WordPress theme directory. You can get if for free and start a WordPress blog.

The main highlight features of this theme are “Less than 30KB, it’s included jQuery, Vanilla javascript “. It has so many customizations for free. This theme has the fastest loading speed on the entire WordPress theme directory.

And it has some extra core features as well. It will help you to make your entire website completely unique and dynamic.

3. Astra:

Astra theme is also the best choice for you. The developer mainly focused on it for the performance of speed. The theme requires less than 50KB to load with minimum customizations.

Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript that prevents render blocking jQuery to come in the way and affect performance.

The theme is loads in less than half a seconds. And it’s come with free on the official WordPress theme directory.

Astra has some pro features as well and supports you to make an elegant look. Like the sticky header, blog layout and so on.

Now all the basics need are in your hand.

So, let’s get to the next steps.

6.Basic settings of cPanel

First of all, log in to your cPanel account. You can simply access your cPanel account adding /Cpanel with your domain. Here is the example


Enter your cPanel user name and password and Log in. (You’ll get the login details on your email after purchasing the hosting plan).

Now if you didn’t add your domain then go to Addon Domains (Skip the process for parent domain, because the parent domain automatically added as an addon domain)


Now fill the form “Create an Addon Domain”


After completing the domain connect steps, let’s jump to the email create option.

7.Set up an Official Email Address

An official email address is a very important part of a website or company. It has few positive advantages for your brand or business.

  • The official Email address looks like a professional.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Send emails with your company name and promote it easily.
  • It acquires your customer trust.

Step1: Login to your cPanel and search for email



Step2: Click on Create (According to your cPanel, you may have alternative text)



Step3: Now you will have a form to create a new email address.


Fill in one by one you can get the basic idea from the image above, or simply you can copy the steps I have shown on this picture. Just your domain will be different.

You did it!

Congratulations you’ve created your official email address as other bloggers have.

Let’s jumped to the next step and this will be the most interesting for you.

8. Install WordPress

As we before discussed on WordPress, let’s install it on our new hosting.

So, first of all, login to your cPanel account and search for Softaculous, then click on WordPress.


Now click on Install under WordPress (See the demo below)

After clicking the Install button you will get a form to install WordPress.

Read the options carefully and fill it according to your requirements.


  • Select the latest version of WordPress.
  • Change protocols to https://www
  • Choose your domain (If you have multiple domains)
  • Leave blank the directory form
  • Give a Site Name (Your Site Title)
  • Enter the Site Description
  • Enable Multi-site checkbox if you have multiple users

After completing the Software and Site setting scroll down to Admin Account setup.

wordpress-installation-form admin

Now, this is an important and confidential part. Fill it safely

  • Give Admin user name (WordPress Admin Login)
  • Make a strong Admin Password (WordPress Admin Password)
  • Give the email id (We have created earlier in the email section)
  • Language should be the default (English)
  • Tick the Limit Login Attempts Plugin to Install
  • Tick the Classic Editor (By default Gutenberg is activated)

After this section scroll down to the final step.


Now enter the email address where you want to get the final Installation confirmation.
And then click on Install Button.


Congratulation, You have installed your first website.

Now let’s log in to the website dashboard and change the basic setting.

9. Important WordPress Settings

Login to your admin area through the admin login page “” or “

After login to the dashboard click on Screen Option and uncheck the boxes.

Now let’s jumped to the WordPress settings Panel,
Navigate to Settings and then General.

wordpress General-Setting


And change the setting according to your requirements.


and then the time formats…

The next step is to add some pages. Click on Pages from the left panel and click Add New

Create the following pages: Home, Blog, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer



After that go the Reading Setting from the left navigation panel and make some changes as below.

Next navigate to Discussion setting and do the changes same as given below.
Wordpress Discussion-Setting

And from the below Gravatar options disable the gravatar option (If you didn’t use any other comments plugin). Because the gravatar icon can make lazy your blog pages if you got so many comments.

Permalink Settings: This is an important setting for you. This setting completely affects your Search Engine Optimizations. So, if don’t have any idea about permalinks then do it the same as the below.
Post name

Wordpress Permalink-Setting

And finally the last step Privacy Policy Page. Just select your Page and click on Use This Page(Simple)


Finally, we have done the basic settings of our WordPress Site.

Now jump to the next steps.

10. Install a Theme

As we have discussed in the theme section, now we will install a theme from the list.

In this tutorial, we will use the Astra Theme.

Go to AppearanceThemes⇒Add New then search for Astra and finally click on Install. When Installation is complete then Click on Activate


After Installed this theme delete extra themes.


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