Various Internet Marketing Approaches

1. Introduction to Marketing Approaches

When talking about the various approaches and techniques used by marketers across the globe,

one simply just cannot forget the importance of internet marketing and the different ways,

and strategies brands use to convey their messages to their target audience through it.

2. What is internet marketing?

Nowadays, there is not a single soul on this planet who does not know about what internet marketing is but still for students let’s go through a simple definition.

In layman terms internet marketing is marketing done using the internet.

There’s not much to understand in this concept but it is still a really vast subject.

And the whole world is actively taking part in using it as well.

3. Marketing Approaches

There are two main approaches when it comes to internet marketing or digital marketing.

4. Active Marketing Approaches

One is active marketing and the other is passive marketing.

Just like traditional marketing, in active marketing the marketers use advertisements and promotional campaigns to actively push the product towards the target audience.

Different schemes and incentives are used to motivate the target audience into buying the products.

5. Passive Marketing Approaches  

Passive marketing on the other hand is a much more subtle approach towards marketing.

In this approach the marketers don’t actively pursue their target audience but in fact they use this technique to let the target audience come to them.

By creating informative content, which can be video, audio or written, marketers provide valuable information to their target audience.

Now, the need of the product is already present and all a marketer has to do is approach a person who already needs the product.

By providing informative content, which includes to create a Wikipedia page at times and on other occasions it can be by creating animated explained videos, the target audience gets the information they are looking for which resolves their issues and also points their demand in the right direction.

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6. Social Media Marketing

Then there is also social media marketing that uses social media platforms to reach out and convince the target audience through digital marketing techniques and even full-fledged advertisements.

Social media platforms are now one of the most effective tools of marketing being used today.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are few of the most used and most effective marketing platforms in the world.

Another amazing thing about this social media marketing is the fact that it can be done by just about anyone and in the lowest of costs as well.

7. Email Marketing

Now, email marketing is one of the oldest internet marketing techniques being used over the years.

It has been quite successful before the boom of social media marketing and content marketing but nowadays it is not used as much as before.

Even if it is used today it is less likely to bring the same amount of results as the other marketing techniques being used these days.

But there was a time when email marketing was an influential way or tool of marketing used by brands.

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